Our Story

​SLCA, standing for Student-Led Chess Association, is an organization devoted to providing chess education to those without, specifically underdeveloped communities that don’t interact much with the chess world.

Chess is an analytical sport that correlates directly to intellect and helps develop necessary skills by improving memory, deepening focus, and developing problem-solving skills. Many areas throughout the world do not have access to chess, and their children do not develop an interest in chess, due to a lack of exposure.

Our Goal

​ SLCA plans to fix that, through our curriculum that emphasizes a learning standard of chess from the perspective of another student, allowing for the tutors to navigate the roadblocks of pupils that they themselves have previously faced. SLCA also organizes multiple tournaments, fundraisers, and charity events, in order to raise awareness for many problematic events throughout the world, whilst encouraging a love of chess.

​ Our corporate sponsors back us up by supporting us with their trust and money, in order to organize proper events and help supply chess equipment to those that lack it.

​By joining SLCA, you join not just a normal chess club, but one committed to helping fulfill the dreams of those without access to chess, help support many different charities through many club-wide tournaments and provide a chess clock and a chessboard in every child’s hands.